Christian "Shun" Marthiljohni began his metal journey in 1992, while Adrian Trevino was apart of the Church music as a multi-instrumentalist, drums and guitars, as well as jazz and tejano bands. Since he began his career, he has been the only believing Christian in everyone of his bands. 

Light Unseen began in July of 2016, dedicated to the heaviest of climates, Christian or Secular. Shun believed that it was finally time to give his talents to praise the Lord. He began the band as a one man project until he hired Trevino as the band's drummer. Ever since the band's formation, Light Unseen has been the twos primary focus. Described as deathgrind for the soul, Light Unseen released a demo in 2017, titled Eve of the Day of the Lord: Demo 2017. 

With Christian "Shun" Marthiljohni of Dimished and The Monk on Vocals, Guitar and Bass and Adrian Trevino on Drums, the band's next release, which they are currently writing, should destroy any pre-conceived ideas of deathgrind, of the Christian variety.