Katharos began in 2017, once again an other project formed by Fire, the man responsible for Elgibbor, Fire Throne, Ithiel, and Nuclear Blaze. Fire began writing music, but not alone. 

Fire hired Taberah, a friend of Fire's, to perform drums, while he performs vocals and guitars. By July 2017, the two joined together with two past members with Frost Like Ashes, a band Fire had been apart of, Sebat and Azahel, and Ascending King frontman Ruah, performing live with Fire's project Elgibbor, the first time the band ever played live. 

Katharos released two songs, "Stay My Captain!!!" and "Warrior" independently before being picked up by Nosral Recordings, an indie label formed by Sebat, a bandmate of Fire's. The band is preparing for a re-release of the single through the label.